Aspiring associate wanted for the Customer Success Team!

Creating a bright working environment for foreigners.


Employer Branding Associate


- Interview with clients
- Content planning, creating, editing, managing
- Managing production and progress of contents
- Effectiveness measurement of contents
- Customer relationship management

As an employer branding associate, you will engage in relationship-building with the companies using our service. You will also be responsible in creating and publishing contents to introduce those companies.

Requirements & Preferences

- Currently living in Japan
- Able to work for 3 months+
- Business level proficiency in Japanese(N2 or higher)
- Native level proficiency in English
- Logical thinker
- Passionate in writing and creating contents (Experience not necessary)
- Outgoing: Loves interacting with people
- Willingness to learn
- Motivated to make others happy

- Can work full-time
- Experience in content marketing

What we're doing.

This April, we released LIGHTENED (, a website where international students in Japan can find internships in Japan, since one of the biggest problems is job-hunting for international students.
Now, only 30% of international students actually start working in Japan after they graduate because many Japanese companies regard those without working experiences as 'risky to hire', even though they have unique talents. Thus, we are providing a platform for international students in Japan to find paid internship opportunities since now it is really hard for them to have access to such opportunities.
Many international students have already started interning in companies in Japan even if they don’t speak Japanese at all.

We keep providing more and more opportunities with international students in Japan through LIGHTENED, so we would really appreciate if you share this post and let your friends know about LIGHTENED especially your friends in Japan!

Why we're doing.

You know, Japan is one of the most homogeneous countries in the world. International people are often still treated as outsiders and you’ll face problems when you move houses or look for jobs, especially if you don’t speak Japanese. Our founder, Ryoji, has been working as a student tutor at the University of Tokyo for international students and they often come to him to ask for help in academics and even for daily stuff. Through the tutoring experience, he realized how much the environment surrounding International students needs to improve and he decided to take an action for what students desire, what he wants to do, and what he can do.

Salary / Fringe Benefits / Perks

- Negotiable pay



Company info

Ryoji Okuda
Human Resource / Information Technology


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