Robotics Software Engineering Intern wanted to help revolutionize robotics!

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Robotics Software Engineering Intern


Rapyuta Robotics is seeking talented, and ambitious individuals with a can-do attitude to help revolutionize robotics. We’re creating a whole new generation of multi-agent aerial- and ground-based mobile robotic platforms with access to an inexhaustible supply of data and processing capabilities, that is the Cloud. Our units will be capable of working autonomously and collaboratively, learning from their own collective experiences and continuously improving upon themselves.

- Apply skills in robotic systems design, embedded software development, and general engineering principles to develop mobile robotic systems.
- Automate assembly diagnostic tests and device configurations.
- Assist in developing device drivers for various sensors, actuators, memory units, and computational units.
- Implement intra- and inter-processor communication pipelines on mobile, memory- and computationally-constrained devices.

Requirements & Preferences

Minimum qualifications:

- Currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science, Software engineering, a similar technical field of study, or equivalent practical experience with an outstanding track record.
- At least 3 years of experience in developing software using C++ with a strong understanding of their common data structures and algorithms.
- Experience and knowledge in controlling and integrating robotic systems.
- Experience with programming on embedded systems.

Preferred qualifications:

- Strong understanding of one of Control and Dynamical Systems, Machine Learning, or Computer Vision.
- Experience with ROS.
- Experience with a Linux development environment, e.g. CMake, GDB, Git, Ubuntu, etc.
- Participant in robotic competitions or contributions to open source projects.

What we're doing.

Rapyuta Robotics Co, is a global technology startup that builds cloud robotics solutions. Spun out of the Swiss Federal Institute (ETH Zürich) in 2014, the company now has 35 employees, and offices in Japan, Switzerland, and India.

Why we're doing.

While improvements in technology are helping to make robotics more accessible to markets, the ability to integrate all the required expertise remains a barrier for most companies. Rapyuta Robotics’ platform makes it significantly easier for businesses to deploy robotics solutions without needing in-house robotics expertise.

Salary / Fringe Benefits / Perks

From electrical, mechanical, software to cloud, in Rapyuta Robotics you will find experts from literally every area of expertise that a robotics solution building needs . We are also extremely proud of our multicultural setup of our team. If you are fearless yet empathetic person with a strong drive then you will definitely feel at home.

- Continuous learning is not just a norm it is a necessity.

- Be part of the creation process of an open ecosystem that will drive innovation in robotics.

- Be part of the rewarding journey of empowering human lives.


8F, 1丁目-29-13 新川 中央区 東京都 104-0033

Company info

Gajamohan Mohanarajah


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