【New graduate】Job open for leading company in the preventive medicine field!

Extend the healthy life years
New graduate job


New graduate open position


[Company summary]
We operate Japan's largest medical checkup reservation site, boasting the largest listing of medical facilities in Japan. We help users make informed decisions about medical checkups. We currently operate in Japan only however we receive many inquiries from overseas (especially China) for reservation requests. It will be your task to interact with national agencies, consultation applicants and medical facilities.

[Specific work]
・ Handle reservation arrangements and settlements with agencies, consultation applicants and medical facilities.
・ Chinese translation of checkup results
・ Chinese interpretation on the day of consultation

Requirements & Preferences

[Required skills]
・Basic PC operation skills
・Business level Chinese

What we're doing.

Business Description

- Medical Checkup Reservation Site MRSO.
A website for making reservations for medical checkups, boasting the largest listing of medical facilities in Japan. We are also in collaboration with T-points. We will help everyone make informed decisions with regard to medical checkups.

- Extending everyone’s lifespan by 8 healthy years
A project to bring the industrial world and the medical world together and to raise awareness for increasing healthy life expectancy in society.

Why we're doing.

In Japan, the average lifespan for males is 80.21 years and for females 86.61 years. However, the healthy lifespan for males is only 71.19 years and for females 74.21 years. *Based on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s Data for 2013.

The Japanese are well-known for their longevity. However, within their lifetimes, there is a 9-12 year period during which their lifestyles are severely limited. Through our activities, we aim to extend healthy lifespans by 8 years, creating a society where people can live long, rich lives.

For that purpose, we are working hard to develop preventative medical healthcare, including checkups, proper exercise, nutrition and mental care. Using the power of IT, we can provide you with information relating to medical services, helping you to choose a suitable facility and make a reservation.

We want to thank the various users, medical facilities and related organizations for their support, which has allowed us to grow and make progress towards our very significant goal of extending healthy life expectancy.

MRSO Inc. would like to explore new possibilities in the medical and IT fields. We will do our best to create a future filled with hope, by changing Japan from being a country known for longevity, to a country known worldwide for long, healthy lives.

Salary / Fringe Benefits / Perks

- Estimated annual income: 4 to 5 million yen
- Salary system: Monthly salary
- Benefits:
・Commuting allowance (provided according to company regulations)
・ Overtime pay (fixed overtime pay system / extra paid separately)
・Holiday/vacation: 120 holiday days per year
・Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
・ Summer vacation (3 days)
・New Year holidays (5 days)
・ Paid leave (10 days after 6 months at the company, 20 days maximum)
- Insurance: Complete social insurance
- Trial period: 3 months
- Working place: Our office
- Others: Freedom of clothes


東京都港区虎ノ門4-3-1 城山トラストタワー17階

Company info

西野 恒五郎


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