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As a member of our client service team, you will be acting as the intermediary between our clients on one side, and targeted industry experts on the other. Your role is to focus on our clients' knowledge gaps and define the specialist knowledge required to address them. You then research companies and industries in order to identify and engage leading subject-matter specialists, using sound judgment to qualify their expertise based on the project in question, and connect them with our clients in real-time. Although there is no typical day, there are often many projects running concurrently and our teams have to learn the most efficient way of identifying expertise quickly.

Once you excel at the core delivery requirements of the client service role, you will take on additional responsibilities, including overall project management, client relationship management, and coaching of junior colleagues. You will receive intensive on-and-off-the-desk training along the core dimensions it takes to become a self-sufficient commercial leader, including account management, business development, negotiation, leadership, recruitment, and talent development.

Requirements & Preferences

What We Look For:
This is a position for someone with high emotional intelligence who enjoys connecting with people, is an exemplar of professionalism, and is highly motivated by exceeding targets. Our most successful people embrace a “whatever-it-takes” mantra and relish the opportunity to roll up their sleeves to achieve their goals.

Career maturity and alignment – clarity about direction, committed to getting there and aware of how AlphaSights fits with your longer term goals
Commercially driven – desire to develop sales and negotiation skills and seeking reward for commercial success
Innate personal confidence – able to thrive in an environment that at times can be volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA)
People-oriented, emotionally intelligent team player
Selfless, can-do attitude and passion for making a tangible impact
Excellent communication skills – the confidence and poise to initiate conversations with senior executives in diverse markets and functions

- 0-1 years' work experience
- Strong academic credentials, including a minimum of 3.3 GPA (or equivalent) and 2:1 honours degree (or equivalent) in any discipline
- Evidenced success in a professional and/or extracurricular field
- Fluency in English and Vietnamese is essential.

What we're doing.

Sharing humanity’s collective knowledge and continuously expanding the boundaries of what we know is the key to raising living standards and driving progress. Living today, we benefit from the cumulative knowledge that has powered us from the stone axe to the iPhone.

We envision a world where every decision maker can effortlessly tap the world’s collective knowledge, reducing ignorance and the waste of resources it entails. A world where knowledge available somewhere informs critical decisions everywhere.

Why we're doing.

We founded AlphaSights in 2008 to tackle one of society’s most intractable problems: useful knowledge is dispersed, hidden and buried in the minds of individuals around the world. By implication, relevant knowledge is rarely available where it is needed most.

Our founding insight was that digital connectivity would provide the tools to tackle this problem directly.

Salary / Fringe Benefits / Perks

We believe that the commercial, operational and interpersonal skills that you will pick up along the way will set you up for success in the 21st century workplace. You should expect to develop into a confident, autonomous business principal who can win business, inspire others and marshal resources in a fast-changing environment.


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