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Equity Research Associate Intern


The Equity Research Summer Intern position is a great opportunity to experience the investment management business at a leading asset management firm. The Summer Interns will work closely with Equity Research Associates and Analysts on a specific sector team (e.g., technology, financials, etc.) focused on various projects and analyses. Examples of projects may include: industry and market sizing, competitive analysis, financial modeling and primary research on a company’s products and services. MFS will be looking to hire full time Equity Research Associates from the Summer Internship program to start in mid 2019 following their graduation from college.

Principal Responsibilities:
Under the direction of an Analyst and Equity Research Associate, perform fundamental research on industries, markets, companies, products and/or services. This will involve using resources such as Bloomberg, CapitalIQ and/or Factset to gather financial data to be analyzed. Projects assigned will be directed at deepening Analyst specific industry and company analysis to help inform stock selection. This will include both qualitative and quantitative analyses, such as market segmentation, competitive position, market share trends, pricing dynamics, industry and company profitability as well as comparable company analyses and financial modeling.

The Summer Intern will be expected to synthesize large amounts of data on the above areas of focus into concise and actionable insights in a timely matter.

Requirements & Preferences

Job Requirements:

• Must be a rising senior in college
• Demonstrated interest in finance and economics. Prior summer internship in the finance sector a positive, but not a requirement.
• Genuine intellectual curiosity and drive to learn. Self-starter. Ability to make decisions with imperfect information.
• Exceptional analytical and research skills.
• Strong communication skills both written and verbal
• Ability to work independently on complex projects as well as be a strong team player. High level of maturity and professionalism expected.
• Strong academic track record, SAT, GPA and rigorous course work.
• Demonstrated leadership skills both academically and extracurricular.

What we're doing.

We recognize that investors look for investment managers with the expertise to deliver consistent returns over the long term. A long-term discipline drives the way we think, the way we invest and the way we are rewarded. MFS is an active, global investment manager with a uniquely collaborative approach that brings you our best insights and expertise through:

Integrated Research
We analyze opportunities across geographies, across fundamental and quantitative disciplines and across an organization's entire capital structure to develop a fuller perspective on securities we select for our clients.

Global Collaboration
Our people, teams and compensation structure ensure collaboration so that our clients benefit from a shared, worldwide view of investing opportunities.

Active Risk Management
Every member of our investment team is responsible for managing risk and delivering to our clients the greatest possible return within each portfolio's risk guidelines.

Why we're doing.

We have nearly a century of active management experience, and our results and investment expertise reflect an unwavering commitment to finding the best, most durable investment opportunities for our clients in the years ahead.

Salary / Fringe Benefits / Perks

Gain valuable skills and experience at a world leading financial management company will over 90 years of history!


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