Internship - Machine Learning, Data Mining and Natural Language Processing

In Japanese, Rakuten stands for ‘optimism.’ It means we believe in the future.


Research Intern


In this position, you are expected to utilize your expertise on the following R&D areas to provide cutting edge solutions or core technologies for big data analytics.

R&D Areas:
- Machine Leaning, Deep Learning
- Data Mining, Text Mining, Web Mining
- Natural Language Processing
- Graph Analysis, Social Graph
- Recommender Systems, User Behavior Analytics
- Large-scale Data Processing
- Statistics

Requirements & Preferences

- Minimum Qualifications:
• Ph.D student in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics or other related fields
• Experience or knowledge of Machine Learning, Data mining, Natural Language Processing, Statistics or developing model for Big Data Analysis
• Solid programming such as Python, Java, C++
• Unix Experience​

- Preferred Qualifications:
• Experience in designing Machine Learning algorithm
• Experience in working in applying Machine Learning to solve complex problems
• Experience with Machine Learning/Deep Learning library such as Caffe , Tensorflow, Keras, etc.
• Experience with big data processing platform such as Hadoop, Spark
• Experience in making presentation in academic conferences

- English Requirement: Business Level

- Japanese Requirement: Not Required

What we're doing.

We launched Rakuten Institute of Technology in 2006 as the dedicated R&D organization for the Rakuten Group. Since then, anticipating that the constant scaling up of internet services will result in a shift from simple linear growth to a radically different paradigm, we have proposed a vision called the “Third Reality” to aim at novel research & development for the business. In a sense, our interest in the subject is not merely academic. It is the creative mind-set that drives us to open up an entirely new frontier.

Why we're doing.

At Rakuten Institute of Technology, our research is guided by a vision called the Third Reality, and we collaborate with various departments in Rakuten, as well as external organizations, in order to maximize our impact. The Third Reality vision is based on three key concepts.

- Evolution of society
These days the physical world is becoming increasingly integrated with the digital world. There is no longer a clear border where one world ends and the other begins. As the cyber world evolves and expands to pervade all areas of life, users and physical reality are evolving even more. The border between them is disappearing such that together they are forming a new reality, which we call “The Third Reality”.

- Overcoming conflict
People may see a dichotomy when a new technology appears. However, the relationship between the real and online worlds can be seen as collaborative and we strive to propose ideas that go beyond the conflict. As such, we believe that a third option will give us power to move further forward.

- Users first
The Third Reality arises from the interaction of users with the ever expanding virtual world. The ways users can interact with the online world are increasing and internet services can be ever more personalized to the individual. The new reality is created in collaboration with users, so user's seamless experience is always important to us.

Salary / Fringe Benefits / Perks

Our internships are typically 3 to 6 months long, and each intern is assigned a mentor who will be there to support them at all stages, from the valleys of despair, to the peaks of ecstasy!


1丁目-14-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya, Tokyo

Company info

Hiroshi Mikitani


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