Travelience are seeking a customer service member to support tourists and tour guides!

Innovate a new travel style
New graduate job


Customer service member


Enjoy working together in the growing inbound sales business?
We are looking for a member of the customer service team to assist the tour company 'TripleLights'!

The main users of Triple Lights are visiting foreign tourists and interpreting guides.
The customer service team supports both sides by email, chat and phone, and facilitates the best tour experience.
Members will be responsible for responding to inquiries from customers in English and Japanese, and accepting registrations for new guides and suppliers.

<Main responsibilities>
・ Answer inquiries from professional tourist guides, provide correspondence / examination at registration, support guest acquisition and correspondence
・ Answer inquiries from foreign tourists visiting Japan, make suggestions for new guided tours

Requirements & Preferences

・ Business level Japanese (standard: N2) and business level English skills (standard: TOEIC 900 points)

・ Overseas living experience
・ Someone who finds pleasure in providing customer service and helping people

What we're doing.

We provide the services below for foreigners visiting Japan
1. Managing “Triplelights” , a tour marketplace that connects foreigners visiting Japan with tour guides.
It’s featured on CNET.
2. Managing “Planetyze” , an internet based guidebook that introduces Japan with videos.
It’s featured on THE BRIDGE

Why we're doing.

Our vision for Travelience is “to have people become happy by going on a trip ”

Our CEO, Hashimoto, has also traveled to many countries as a backpacker. After leaving his job in 2012, he spent 9 months traveling the world. Meeting people who made his trip enjoyable in every country he has visited made him want to travel over and over again. We would like to have foreigners who visit Japan to feel this kind of hospitality.

Travelience’s mission is “to create a new style of travel”.

Taking pictures at a sightseeing spot, experiencing something you can only try in that country, eating food and drinking alcohol famous in that region; Things you do on a trip hasn’t evolved for a long time.
However, with the expansion of the internet, traveling is in the process of evolving now. For example, Airbnb has created a new type of experience, staying in a home of someone who lives in that country.

We are trying to create a new way or style to enjoy traveling.

Salary / Fringe Benefits / Perks

【Contract type】
・ Full time / 5 days a week

【Working hours】
・ 9:00 to 18:00

【Trial period】
6 months

・ Negotiable depending on experience

【Work location】
・ Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo

・ Transportation expenses paid
・ Complete social insurance provided (employment, work injury, health, welfare pension)
・ One consecutive vacation per year (by swapping holidays for work days, you can choose to combine alternative leave and paid for consecutive leave)
・ Book purchase support (All books necessary for skill improvement can be purchased at the company's expense)
・ Free drinks

・ Paid holidays
・ Five day work week (Saturday & Sunday off)


東京都台東区浅草橋2-29-11  マルケービル8F

Company info

Naoaki Hashimoto


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