[April 18] Job seminar open for students graduating in 2019/2020!

Global mobile company providing total solution for telecommunications
New graduate job


New graduate open position


<Seminar information>
- April 18 (Thu) 16:00~18:00 
- Location: Telecom Square head office 
(Reservation closes on April 17 (Wed), 18:00) 
※ It is mandatory to attend the job seminar if you are interested in applying for the position.

<Seminar outline>
(1) Presentation of the company and career opportunities
(2) Interaction session with the employees at Telecom Square
(3) Message from the President

<What to Bring>
- Your resume
- Writing materials

<Application process>
- April: Job briefing seminar 
- April: Interview (multiple)
- Late May onwards: Job offer 

<Open positions>
- 11 to 15 new graduates

<Open Roles: New graduate position>
In the first three months, you will do on-the-job training called "Future Search Project", where you will work in all departments. After the training, you will be allocated to one of the following departments, based on your preference and aptitude: 

New business development: 
- Development of the navigation app "PinnAR"
- Planning and proposing of new businesses
- Planning and managing "Nihon Hodai", a website targeted for inbound travelers

- Corporate sales aimed at major global companies, to provide telecommunications services for overseas business
- Consumer sales to individual customers through Web marketing 

- Counter service towards customers at Narita, Haneda, and Kansai airports
- Call center support to provide pleasant service for customers
- Management of overseas offices
- International division to promote alliance business with travel agencies overseas
- Planning of marketing strategies, such as promotion of products and running various campaigns 
- Product development utilizing latest technologies, through procurement of information and communication equipments from 50 countries worldwide

- From your third year onwards, you may also be allocated to HR, legal, business administrations, and systems divisions.

Requirements & Preferences

<Who we want on our team>
Telecom Square is looking for motivated and self-disciplined individuals.
As the world changes so do the needs of customers.
With this, it is crucial to have an ‘open-mind’ in order to anticipate the future. Our company has continued to develop by cherishing this idea.

We will be waiting for challenge-oriented candidates who can face, think and act on the future that is yet to be known!

<Story of Telecom Square president Yuji Yoshitake>
Check out Yuji Yoshitake's passion towards providing travelers with ‘safety, convenience, and enjoyment’ on their trips below!

<Story of Fenghua Xu, Assistant Manager at Multilingual Service Group>
Check out Fenghua Xu's story behind building her career in Japan at Telecom Square!

- Currently living in Japan and able to attend this job seminar.
- It is mandatory to attend the job seminar if you are interested in applying for the position.
- Graduating a university by Fall 2019 or Spring 2020
- English business level or above
- Business level Japanese (JLPT N2 or higher)
- Willingness to study Japanese

- Motivated to work in Japan
- Motivated to work in offices overseas
- Interested in the travel, telecommunications, and advertising businesses
- Interested in working at a venture company
- Interested in engaging in various positions within the company 
- Challenge oriented mindset
- Problem solving skill-set

What we're doing.

Telecom Square is currently running two businesses.

<Platform advertisement business>
This is a new business which we kicked off, with the wish to "not only facilitate a connected environment, but also more 'enjoyable travels". One of the new projects is our navigation app "PinnAR". With this app, you are able to easily set your destination through image scanning, the ability to read a map or type in destinations in a foreign language is not needed.
Wherever you are in the world, you are able to reach your destination without getting lost. We are planning to use "PinnAR" as a base, and develop our business to provide various contents and informations for travelers.

<Telecommunications rental business>
We sell and loan Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones, and SIM cards for inbound and outbound travelers. We support travelers through stress-free connection services, allowing borderless travel.

With the vision to facilitate unprecedented travel experiences, we Telecom Square continue to challenge the status-quo to create new values.

Salary / Fringe Benefits / Perks

- First year monthly income example JPY 230,000 (monthly payment system)
- Pay raise opportunities available (once a year)
- Bonus twice a year (one month salary each)

<Fringe benefits>
- Transportation expense (Up to JPY 50,000 per month)
- Overtime pay 

<Employee welfare>
- Moving expenses (Terms & Conditions apply)
- Allowance to acquire various qualifications
- Allowance to purchase books
- Communication support expenses (Expenses to host events for employees to interact with each other)
- Staff discount for Wi-Fi and mobile phone services

<Holidays and leaves>
- Five-day workweek system (Holidays 122 days per year)
- Paid vacation: 10 days per year (after 6 months of joining)
- Special leave for weddings and funerals
- Refreshment vacations
- Maternity leave and childcare leave (16 of our 270 current employees continue to work after their leave)

- Employment insurance
- Compensation insurance
- Health insurance
- Welfare pension insurance



Company info

Yuji Yoshitake


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