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Data is information, information is knowledge, knowledge is wisdom.


data analyst intern


With more people in Japan using services such as Facebook, Twitter, and LINE, the expressions “social media” and “SNS” are becoming more and more commonplace.
As the popularity of social media grows across the world, in addition to using it as a tool for communication and information dissemination, we also turn our attention to using it as a tool for “social listening.

Today, billions of people use social media for messaging and communicating, thereby generating huge amount of data, which is commonly known as “big data”. From big data, we can gain insights of for example, customers’ true feelings and frank opinions of a product; due to this, big data is sometimes referred to as “the mountain of treasure”.
Social listening is a research and analysis tool for discovering valuable information such as hidden customers’ insights and customers’ images of products and services. Today, more and more companies have adopted social listening. By conducting surveys and analyses based on such data, companies can find places for improvements in their products, monitor risks, forecast demands for products, in order to improve marketing and promotion measures in the future.

Solid intelligence is a service that uses big data such as posts and comments from social media worldwide that investigates insights of foreign tourists visiting Japan, analyzes overseas markets, and provides consulting services for overseas expansion.

As a data analyst intern, you will be required to:
・ Collect necessary data on foreign social media
・ Analyze collected data
・ Translate and sort out collected data
For example
・ Sales analysis of Japanese products in China
・ Behavior analysis of Chinese tourists in Japan
In addition, as your skills improve, you may also be asked to perform more advanced tasks.

Requirements & Preferences

<Required conditions>
・ Ability to translate Chinese and Japanese ( you will be required to understand Mandarin and to read and write both simplified and traditional Chinese)
・ Business level Japanese in reading and writing
・ Native level language skills
・ Analytic skills
・ Capability to work more than four hours between 10 am and 7pm on weekdays; more than twice a week is preferred

・Have interests in traveling and tourism
・Have past experience in data analysis
・Able commit for a long period
・Capable to read and write in Cantonese
・Able to communicate with people
・Eager to challenge oneself
・Enjoy changing environments

Salary / Fringe Benefits / Perks

Work location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Working hours: twice a week, 4 hours a day or more ※ Determined by mutual agreement
Transportation expenses full payment
Salary: 1,000 yen or more per hour
Trial period: 1 month


東京都渋谷区恵比寿南3-1-19 恵比寿ライトビル2F

Company info

丸野 敬
Consulting Firm


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