Let's create games together that last for 100 years and beyond!



Gaming App Developer Intern


- Develop gaming apps for smartphones
- Make improvements on our existing apps
- Give suggestions on how to make our games more fun!

【Our Message to You】
In the world of app development, having practical knowledge on developing apps is important and often, required. 
Here at Gagex, we are specifically keen on developing gaming apps for smartphones. We also focus on improving the games that we have released.
We are looking for those who already possess basic skills in app development.
For those who are still new in app development, don’t worry! You’ll be able to work with experienced game developers (‘senpais’).
We have a very experienced game developer senpai waiting for you!
Psst… he previously worked at a major game development company ;)
We hope that we are able to provide a place where you can bring your developing skills to the next level along with our talented engineers!

Also: in Gagex, we encourage our game developers to pitch ideas on our ‘next big thing’.
So, if you have your own original gaming app ideas, you’re definitely welcome to let us know!

Requirements & Preferences

- Experience in smartphone app development for more than 3 months, using Unity, cocos 2d-x, objective-c and Java.
- Conversational Japanese

(P.S. Individual work/ self-learning also counts as ‘app development experience’ as long it’s in the relevant field)

It’ll be preferable if you can work for more than 6 months.

What we're doing.

Our first smartphone app “The heartwarming simulation game--Showa Candy Shop“ achieved 2 million downloads both in Japan and overseas, mainly in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. Besides this, we have received high praise throughout the world, also having several million hits in our other range of casual games.
We will keep releasing game titles both in Japan and overseas, with our ultimate aim to let as many people as possible to have a relaxing time playing our games.

Why we're doing.

<Continue making good stuff that people would pay for!>

Gagex’s motto:『Fun for 100 years & beyond』
We aim to create fun games, earn a little money from it, and continue creating value for society through doing what we love.

We think that entertainment that brings heightened emotions and emotional changes in people, such as surprise, longing and nostalgia, are priceless treasures that will never fade.

As a game developing company, we create “interesting and valuable things” and we devote our fullest wisdom and effort. This is what we believe we receive money for.

Salary / Fringe Benefits / Perks

¥1200 ~ ¥1500/ hour

・Transportation fully covered
・Your dream PC provided

・Free flow of snacks
・When you’ve gotten the hang of things, you can work from home too!



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