Spread the Japanese Wave with Your Writing Skills!



Korean OR English OR Chinese Writer Intern


- Article production and news coverage
- Content planning
- Localization of existing articles

- From Japanese to your Mother Tongue!

Requirements & Preferences

《Skill Requirements》 
- Japanese language (N2 and above)
- Korean OR English OR Chinese (Native level)
- Interested in Japanese culture and a desire to share it with others
- Loves writing and taking pictures
- Owns a camera
- Photo-editing skills
※Depending on your schedule and commitment, we may ask you to go on business trips too!

《Personality Requirements》 
- Passionate about the latest trends and highly motivated to learn
- Ability to think on your feet and get things done
- A doer who is proactive and takes action
- A desire to refine writing skills

What we're doing.

「MATCHA」is an online media for tourists in Japan. https://matcha-jp.com/

With a vision to be “The World's Largest Tourism Platform for Visitors in Japan", we are bridging Japan with the world, where the beautiful charms of Japan can be conveyed to people all over the world and to help them in creating memorable sightseeing experiences in Japan.

Having been in the business for about 4 and a half years now, we see that in the span of one month, more than 2 million people have visited Japan.

MATCHA is growing steadily into becoming Japan’s largest tourism media!

Why we're doing.

“To Bring Old Treasures of Japan to the New Times.”

There are many wonderful cultures in Japan. We have Japanese food, sake, traditional crafts, cultural places, etc, and each of them has their own distinct characteristics that can also be found in different regions. However, at present, these good things in Japan are losing their momentum because of the homogenization of commerce, depopulation and shortage of talent. The list can go on.

Nevertheless, we trust that we can communicate the goodness of each region in Japan to people around the world through beautiful images and, of course, the Internet.

Did you know that you can move people through storytelling?
We believe that by delivering stories to people through images and a little bit of writing, we can re-introduce the goodness of Japan that was lost to the world.

Our ideal is to deliver the goodness together with the new times. We want to illustrate these values, not only in Tokyo but all prefectures in Japan.

Good things should be given to the people. What was once lost in time, will now be found in time.

Salary / Fringe Benefits / Perks

Paid Internship
(Pay will vary according to past experiences and skills, which will be determined at the time of the interview)


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