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Website Designer Intern


· Designing a website to share the charm of Japan with the rest of the world~
· Selecting suitable fonts and color schemes, taking into consideration the language and cultural background of each country
·【Additionally】You can talk to us about any project ideas that you may have!

Requirements & Preferences

【Skill Requirements】 
· Experience in Web Design using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator
· Fluent Communication in Japanese (N2 or above)
· Knowledge of HTML, CSS, or other CS languages is a plus

【Personality Preferences】 
· Able to work with a team consisting of different skillsets and nationalities
· Strong interest in other countries' cultures and the Internet, flexible and assertive in adopting new technologies
· Time management skills (including task and schedule management) for handling multiple projects

What we're doing.

Founded in 2000, Export Japan is a web marketing company that targets overseas audience.
We want to convey the messages of our clients, in order to resonate with people’s hearts throughout the world.
There are a lot of differences in this world. They “Japanese way” is not commonly known to the outside world. Therefore, it is difficult to communicate same way that we do to Japanese people, with people around the world.
While asking our clients these questions, such as, “Who do you want to deliver the message to?”, or “How do you want to present it?", or “What kind of messages do you want to deliver?”, we are also cooperating with both Japanese and international staff, so that we can better deliver our clients’ messages to the world.

Why we're doing.

“Contributing to Intercultural Relations through Internet Business”
is our company concept.

We aim to create a society that accepts the differences in nationality, language, religion, etc., and that we can all co-exist and live together in this society. In this sense, we use web-centered technology as a tool to:

- Create solutions from a global perspective
- Encourage curiosity and personal growth
- Be pioneers and break new grounds in the online market

These are our slogans.
Let’s work while enjoying the discovery of new values!

Salary / Fringe Benefits / Perks

・Hourly wage of 1,100 JPY or above
・Work either in our Tokyo (Mitsukoshi-mae) or Osaka (Kitahama) office
・You can also go on company trips!


東京都中央区日本橋室町1-6-3 山本ビル別館3F

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