Looking for Editors & Translators Who Want to Work in An International Startup in Japan!



Editor, Translator


- Selecting freely-distributed publications to translate
- Translating those freely-distributed publications from English to Japanese
- Writing and editing original articles
- Being a part of our editorial team

Actually, we have already decided the articles that will be translated. In order to develop newspapers in Japan, you have to translate from English to Japanese, or write an original article in Japanese version.

Requirements & Preferences

- Able to work for more than 3 days/ week
- Able to write and speak in Japanese and English
(We will use Japanese to communicate)
- Able to translate from English to Japanese

- Have experiences in translation and editing articles
- Interested in ventures, start-ups, web services, and technology
- Interested in media

What we're doing.

ProtoStar’s Mission: “Creating Infrastructures for Challengers.”
We are operating a business community called StartBurst (http://www.theprotostar.co/starburst)and a platform called StartupList (https://www.startuplist.jp), which connects entrepreneurs with investors. Moreover, we also provide support on open innovations to companies.

Among the startups in Hard Tech that we are supporting within the StartBurst community, there are currently more than 100 companies and we have achieved capital support for more than 60 million yen. (The HardTech industry is defined as ‘an area that requires a breakthrough in manufacturing, technology, and business establishment’.)

Why we're doing.

We believe that entrepreneurs are the true challengers who solve many problems that occur in society. They face challenges in human capital, as well as other resources, so we established ProtoStar, with the purpose of supporting them through this infrastructure.

Salary / Fringe Benefits / Perks

- 1,000 yen ~ (paid monthly)
- We provide lunches at the office once a week
- You can participate in events related to startups
- You can build up a network in the startup world through the events


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Company info

Hidemaro Maekawa / Yusuke Kurishima / Goushi Yamaguchi


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