Engineers Wanted: Create a Website for Foreigners from Scratch!



Web service engineer


・You will be given autonomy.
・You can use up-to-date technology, your favorite programming language and/or libraries.
Our aim is to develop a web service that makes living in Japan better.

So, our plan is this:-
(1) Rental apartment service (To be available in Chinese)
(2) Hotel booking service for foreigners

Requirements & Preferences

- Passion to create something new.
- Experience in web development using programming languages.

What we're doing.

Asianbase is a company of four employees developing IT softwares.
“Asianbase” came from a dream of connecting Japan and Asia.

Our CEO lived in Australia and Shanghai for more than 4 years.
He met people from various countries, drank alcohol and had lively discussions with them.
We make use of such experiences and knowledge in not only software development but also in other businesses.

We’ve developed these websites:-

And currently, we’re creating spaces for online games for Jinro Game.

From now on, we strive to
· Open Japan’s first business platform for Chinese people
· Develop internet security softwares
· Set up a real estate website for Taiwan
· Develop a hotel reservation website for Asia

We are expanding our businesses and pushing forward with such things as they are interesting and fun.

Why we're doing.

Work is a part of life.

I like working.
What do you like?

I think that the more good times you have, the happier your life will become.
We should always enjoy ourselves, whether it be work or not.
Let’s enjoy our precious lives in a company with employees with good values.

Salary / Fringe Benefits / Perks

・1,000 yen ~ /hour
・Transportation costs fully covered
・This internship can possibly lead to a full-time job (Visa Support Available)
・Although the company is closed on the weekends, but if your schedule allows it, you can work on Saturdays or Sundays.


東京都台東区台東4-30-6 302

Company info

照 誠之助


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