Help Develop Cool Robots without an Engineering Degree!

Make the world Yukai by Robotics


Administrative Operations Intern


- Dealing with visitors and answer phone calls
- Coordinating the company schedule such as setting up internal or external meetings
- Managing and handle robotic equipment
- Drafting documents
- Shipping and retrieving postal items
- Updating the website occasionally
- Greeting crew for events

Yukai Engineering has developed two adorable robots, fondly known by many as “BOCCO” and “Qoobo”. Currently, we are working on human-like robots and we need you to work with our engineers and designers closely so that we can deliver “Yukai” robots to our customers.

Requirements & Preferences

- Possess daily conversational Japanese or English
- Working experience in offices
- Able to use MS Office
- Able to deal with customers
- Has a passion for robots or new technologies
- Has a cheerful personality with good communication skills
- Pays attention to details and is proactive
- Enjoys back office assignments

- Experience in Human Resource or Administration

We prefer interns who are able to commit to this job for at least six months.

What we're doing.

Yukai is a robotics company which creates communication robots that are going to excite the world. In July 2005, we were honored to have been awarded the ‘Good Design Award’ with ‘BOCCO’, which lead to a tighter family-like bond among us.
Last year, we released ‘Qoobo’, a therapy robot with a cushioned tail. It gain much popularity and we received more than we expected through crowdfunding.
Besides making our own robots, we collaborate with other companies to develop products. Examples being, ‘necomimi’ and ‘teamLabHanger’.
There is only 20 of us in Yukai. Our team consists of engineers, designers, marketers, robotics researchers and other wonderful talents. We handle the whole production process, right from the drawing board to the assembly line.
Before launching into full production, we usually create prototypes using 3D printers and a CNC machine (Roland MDX-540).
For mass production, we partner up with factories and manufacturers both in Japan and overseas!

Why we're doing.

The name “Yukai” was taken from ‘The Founding Prospectus of SONY’. Our company was established to provide a place for engineers to gather and create products together.
A world where humans and robots communicate with each other is often premiered in Sci-Fi movies, but we have yet to see such a world become reality.
At Yukai, we believe that communication robots will be the main interface for the next generation. Robots are now able to greatly understand and support humans more than before. All this made possible by being connected to a series of networks and/or environmental sensors.
The world will experience a shift in the way information is delivered. No more typing on screens, but rather people will be able to give and receive information without knowing they are doing so!
Yukai endeavors to improve our daily lives by introducing communication robots to the world.

Salary / Fringe Benefits / Perks

1,200 ~ 2,000 yen per hour (1,000 yen/ hour during the training period, 1~3 months)


〒162-0067 東京都新宿富久町16-11武蔵屋スカイビル101号 101, Musashiya-Sky bldg, 16-11, Tomihisa-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, 162-0067 JAPAN

Company info

Shunsuke Aoki
Robot Engineering


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