Wanna Work in An International Startup in Japan?

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Wanna work at a startup where more than half of us are foreigners like you? :)
Most of our clients are Japanese (Online shop owners on Rakuten), so we require interns to have high level of Japanese (with knowledge in polite speech), but other than that, you will hear English and Chinese actively being spoken in the workplace!

“I haven't studied abroad.”
“I want to get in touch with foreign languages.”
“I studied abroad, but I’m having trouble applying what I learn in Japan.”
“I wish to get a taste of being in an international work environment.”
“I can only speak Japanese though…”

If any of these sounds like you, we would love to have you drop by and visit us!
We are currently looking for a few interns.

You’ll be able to:-
· Create and maintain recommendation proposals for new customers while optimizing our systems
and processes
· Create and maintain reports of our existing customers while optimizing our systems and processes
· Optimize workflow of the sales department
· Participate in client meetings
· Participate in events and conferences

Requirements & Preferences

· Highly interested in the E-Commerce industry and startups
· Interested in sales
· Enjoy watching your savings amount grow~
· Enjoy analyzing numbers and getting a breakthrough from it
· Loves using a laptop and hopes to work in that field in the near future
· Able to commit to this internship for more than 3 months

What we're doing.

Our company is a joint venture between an E-Commerce (EC) service provider in China and OPT Holdings in Japan (a company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange).
TENKI Japan was established in 2017, with a purpose of developing advanced global EC technology in Japan.

By offering cross-border EC services, inbound services, general strategies and marketing solutions to Japanese brands and retailers, we are supporting the expansion of Japanese marketing channels for both Chinese consumers and tourists in Japan.

Currently, we are working on expanding our business by promoting sales of EC shops by the SEO on Rakuten.

Why we're doing.

In our parent company, Xibao, we have proposed to our client EC shops SEO strategies specializing in every EC mall, such as Alibaba and JinDong. We have increased transactions by boosting the sales for each shop. We believe that the number of trading companies has increased and that we have established a firm position in China’s market. And Japan is our next destination.
We have visited Japan several times before our company was founded. However, I felt that the speed of growth for EC in Japan is slow, especially compared to China. The EC industry in Japan should take a bigger step towards more advanced technologies. We feel that each mall should specialize in SEO technology.
There are many companies that handle SEOs in Japan, but most of them are based on search engine optimization such as Google. There are still a few companies doing SEOs within a particular shopping mall. The optimization in a major search engine and the optimization in a shopping mall does not necessarily allow for the same method to be used.
If you are committed to promoting the sales of EC shops, you would need to use Search Engine Optimization, specifically specialized for each mall.
So far, we have repeatedly tested whether our unique ECmall-specialized SEO technology can be applied to Rakuten in Japan, and we feel it works indeed.
We are going to scale up our services in the future. Our goal is to increase the number of transactions in Japan and contribute to promoting the sales of EC shops through our services.

Salary / Fringe Benefits / Perks

· Free internship
· Interviews will be conducted here in the Tokyo office (no Skype interviews).
· The applicant must be a resident in Japan when making application.



Company info

Alexander Farfurnik
IT / E-Commerce


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