[Health industry] Intern wanted for our head office!

Our ambition as therapists


Office job


We are the headquarter of an osteopathic clinic (seikotsuin) group, with 27 chain clinics across Tokyo. We work to create a system to support the doctors who are providing treatment for the patients.

This time, we are hiring staffs who could support us with the following office works:
・Collecting data for the meetings, and (assisting) creating documents
・Ordering necessary medical supplies and documents that will be used at the clinic
・Gathering information of and managing real estate property
・Management of facility maintenance
・(Assisting) Creating documents to submit for public health centers, etc.
・Other administrative works

Requirements & Preferences

■Requirements (skills)
・Computer skills (Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint)
・Conversational Japanese
・Basic writing skill in Japanese

■Requirements (Attitude towards work)
・Cheerful and joyful
・Positive attitude towards any projects
・Willingness to grow

What we're doing.

We are a osteopathic clinic (seikotsuin) group managing various clinics around the Tokyo 23 districts area. We do not have a long history, but we have been providing patients with “impressive treatments” beyond usual treatments, with the aim to become the “Number one supported clinic in the area”. What we dream to become, is the “best osteopathic clinic (seikotsuin) in Japan”, and “The best company for workers to work”.

We receive a lot of compliments from our patients, that “Just coming to our clinic makes them feel better”, and “Unlike other clinics they have visited, the staffs are cheerful, kind, and it is fun”.

This is only possible with the first-class skills, service, and personality of our staffs. Thus, we place great emphasis on educating all of our workers. Patients are able to receive first class treatments at any clinic of ours. I hope that you will consider going to a osteopathic clinic (seikotsuin) if you ever feel pain on your shoulder, hips, or struggle from the aftereffect of a car accident. “Smile and Thank you” will solve your problems!

We will continue to expand, and to provide “impressive treatments” in every town.
We will continue to work hard to make as many people healthy, smile, and happy.
We appreciate your continued support and look forward to working with you.

Why we're doing.

Our mission
・Provide the best medical treatment and service through the best technology, teamwork and personality, and bring a smile, gratitude, hope, joy, deep emotion, and happiness to as many patients as possible
・Contribute to the society through activities both from and outside of work
・Make sure everybody in the team is happy, through these activities

Salary / Fringe Benefits / Perks

Transportation fee


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