[Japanese required] Project manager internship in an international AI startup!

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AI Project Manager Intern


We are looking for talented individuals that want to gain hands-on experience with AI projects while working in an international startup. In particular we are looking for people to assist us with the following:

- Assist the project management team by:
- Understanding client needs and communicating it effectively to our AI engineers in English
- Working with our AI engineers to prepare client-facing deliverables in Japanese
- Managing data preparation to use for machine learning/deep learning

- Assist the marketing team by:
- Planning, coordinating, and executing events to increase sales leads
- Interacting with potential clients ranging from executive officers in multinational corporations interested in high level discussions to technical managers looking to begin AI projects at marketing events
- Researching and creating eye-catching articles about AI to publish on our website

Requirements & Preferences

- Business level Japanese or above (can create a customer-facing presentation in Japanese)
- Able to think and take initiative independently
- Detail-oriented and takes responsibility
- Interested in AI and the technology startup industry
- Able to work at our Tokyo office at least 3 days a week

What we're doing.

We are a co-creation partner in the world of artificial intelligence and data.

Leveraging the latest in deep learning and machine learning technology, we collaborate with players in various industries as a partner to co-create next generation products and services.
We accelerate innovation with our clients not only with our AI expertise but also with our deep understanding of managing new business development and innovation promotion.

Why we're doing.

We value personal passions.

We believe in shaping our organization and ultimately changing the world with our individual talents, curiosities, passions, and interests.
At Incubit, we are a global team composed of individuals that create impact on the organization and society while pursuing their unique identities.

Salary / Fringe Benefits / Perks

Experiential Benefits
- See first-hand what it's like to work in a startup by working directly with the CEO
- Understand how AI projects are run and how it is used in real-world applications
- Work in an international environment

Monetary Benefits
- Salary starting from 1050 JPY per hour
- Compensation for transportation

- Flexible working hours
- Attend AI expos and fairs
- Food and drink at company outings


Incubit Inc. 1-10-5 Hiroo, Tech Hiroo Building 7F, Shibuya, Tokyo

Company info

北村 尚紀 Naoki Kitamura
New Business Development using AI


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